AUGUST 25, 26, 2018
Funded in part by Sheridan Travel and Tourism (STT)


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Fremont Motor Sheridan, Inc.  |  Prime Rate Motors  |   Western Services, Gillette   |  KLGT-KIX Country, Buffalo
BY Main to: Elks Youth Rodeo, PO BOX 624 Sheridan WY 82801


PEE WEE: (6 AND UNDER): 2 days = $9.00 per event.
JUNIOR: (7 to 9) 2 days = $32.00 per event.
INTERMEDIATE: (10 to 13) 2 days = $32.00 per event.
SENIOR: (14 to 17) 2 days = $32.00 per event.
STOCK CHARGE: 2 days = $40.00 Breakaway, Steer Stopping & Tie Down Calf Roping or $20.00 Team Roping, & Ribbon Roping per event, per contestant.
STALL FEE: $15.00 per stall, per day. This includes a shaving bale. Stalls are not mandatory, but must be paid before any stall will be assigned.
OFFICE FEE: $5.00 per each contestant.
FAIRGROUNDS USE FEE: $2.00 per contestant.
RODEO STARTS @ 8:00 am Both Days.

Required to be postmarked by August 15, 2018
Mail to: BPOE Sheridan Lodge #520, PO Box 624, Sheridan, WY 82801.
Must be accompanied by Cash or Check for the full fee.
Not valid unless ALL releases are properly signed and ALL fees are paid.
For further information call (307) 674-7297.

Refund of entry fees will be given only on a bonafide excuse, such as illness or injury of the rider, or illness, injury
or unsoundness of the horse, to be verified by a medical doctor or a vet no later than the day of the show.
A competitor may compete in only the one age group that he is eligible for. Age will be determined by the age on
the first day of the show. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO.

ALL AROUND YOUTH: Contestants age 7 to 17 may compete for the All Around Youth Award. Champion will receive a loaded JACKSON, THREE HORSE, slant load, G/N, with walk in tack Trailer. Licenses, sales tax and insurance will be the responsibility of the winner. Reserve Champion will receive a $2,000 Scholarship. Reserve Runner-up will receive a $1,000 Scholarship.

Each contestant may designate on his entry form a minimum of 2 events, up to a maximum of 5 events he wishes to be considered for points. Points from both Go Arounds will be combined. These points will be awarded on a one rider,one horse basis. Points will be determined in the following manner: In an event with eleven or more entries: First – 10 points, Second – 9 points, etc. With six entries: First – 5 points, second – 4 points, etc. Points will be awarded to the combination of the Individual and the Horse.

(Age 7 to 17): The All Around Senior will receive a one year lease of a new Ford Truck. The contract will be in the name of the winner’s parents or guardian. Licenses, sales tax and insurance will be the responsibility of the winner. The All Around Senior Reserve will receive a $2,000 scholarship and the Reserve runner-up will receive a saddle. The All Around winner in the Junior and Intermediate age group will receive a Saddle. The Junior and Intermediate Reserve will receive a Breast Collar and Headstall set with a Tom Balding Custom Bit valued at $870.00. The All Around Reserve Runner-Up will receive a Belt Buckle. The winner in each event will receive a Belt Buckle. These awards will be determined by points given in each event. Points will be determined in the following manner. In a class with eleven or more entries: First -10 points, Second- 9 points, etc. With six entries; First-5 points, second-4 points, etc. Points from both Go Arounds will be combined. Points will be awarded to the individual, NOT the horse.

(Age 6 and under): Each day every contestant will receive a Participation Ribbon. The winner of each event will receive a trophy. A large trophy will be presented to the All Around. This will be repeated for the second Go Around. A saddle will be presented to the two-day All Around Winner, and a belt buckle will be presented to the All Around Runner-up based on the total points for both days. Points to be determined same as for age 7 to 17. Horse and rider can be led in and led through the pattern. They cannot be led from another horse. Not eligible for the All Around Youth Award.

All events will pay Day money each Go Around, except for ages 6 and under. No money for average.

If a tie occurs for any high point award, it will be broken by the total dollars each contestant has won in events qualifying for the award. If this still results in a tie, it will then be broken by a flip of a coin.

Event winner point ties will be broken in the following order – total dollars, best average time, a flip of a coin.

We now have our own rodeo rules! You may download a copy of them by clicking this link.

All contestants are required to read the rules carefully, particularly those relating to the contests or events in which they enter.
Failure to understand the rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Anyone winning the All Around Youth Award in a subsequent year will not be awarded a second trailer. They will be awarded the Reserve Champion Scholarship and the Reserve Champion will be awarded the trailer.

Any Senior who has won a truck lease in a previous year will not be eligible to win a truck lease in a subsequent year. They will be awarded the All Around Senior reserve award and the Senior Reserve will be awarded the truck lease.

The truck & trailer will not both be awarded to the same individual in the same year. If a senior wins both, they will be given a choice as to which one they want and will be awarded the second place award for the other. The second place winner will be awarded the first place award.

When an exhibitor is guilty of unsportsman-like conduct or any animal abuse they will be disqualified.

Sawdust from the bin at the fairgrounds MUST NOT be used. If it is, it will be charged to the exhibitor. Additional shavings will be available at a charge. STRAW MUST NOT BE USED FOR BEDDING.

Information of which you may not be aware! Please see our complete rules.

A. Break-away Roping: We intend to use calves, however if steers are used only three legal head catches will be acceptable.

B. The rodeo will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. each day. You need to have your contestant Number picked up and be ready at that time.

C. All events will be open to boys or girls. Teams can be any combination, Boy-Boy, Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl.

D. If release is not properly signed or entry is not properly filled out, you will receive a collect phone call from the secretary. If you fail to follow this procedure or to accept the phone call, then the entry will be discarded.

E. Crepe Paper Race (or Ribbon Race): two to a team. Each contestant may enter only once! No mixed Junior/Senior etc. teams allowed. Mounted on horses, each rider holds an end of an approximately 7 foot streamer and they race around one barrel (see diagram). The team is disqualified if the streamer breaks or if they let go of it. The team cannot be connected to each other in any way except with the streamer (no holding hands etc.). Can round barrel from either direction. 5 second penalty for knocking over the barrel more about sure comfort hvac. If streamer breaks and riders pull-up before crossing starting line they may start over.

F. Flag Race: A mounted event. Riders can round barrels from either direction. Contestants must pull a flag from a bucket of sand on barrel #1 and place the flag in a bucket of sand on barrel #2 (see diagram). Broken pattern rule will not apply. No time if the flag falls out or barrel or buckets are knocked over. A 5 second penalty for anyone using the flag to whip a horse.



1. Pole Bending
2. Barrel Racing
3. Goat Tail Tying

4. Pole Bending
5. Barrel Racing
6. Goat Tail Tying
7. Flag Race
8. Crepe Paper Race

9. Pole Bending
10. Barrel Racing
11. Goat Tying
12. Flag Race
13. Crepe Paper Race
14. Break-away Roping
15. Dally Team Roping
16. Steer Stopping
17. Pole Bending
18. Barrel Racing
19. Goat Tying
20. Flag Race
21. Crepe Paper Race
22. Break-away Roping
23. Dally Team Roping
24. Steer Stopping
25. Ribbon Roping
26. Tie Down Calf  Roping