The Sheridan Elks Lodge rents rooms for private parties such as birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, funeral receptions, company parties, conventions and other special occasions.
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Lounge, Dance Floor & Small back room $275.00   200
Lounge & Dance Floor $225.00   177
Lounge $150.00   57
Bingo Room $400.00   243
Dining Room $150.00   120
Dining Room/Bar $225.00   120
Lodge Room, Annex & Bar $750.00   610
Lodge Room/Bar $600.00   304

Non-Refundable Deposit in the amount of $250 required on all room rentals.

We do not rent out the Kitchen Facilities.  (The kitchen area may be used as a prep area upon request if not already in use).

A bar is available in the Dining Room, Lounge & Dance Area, upstairs in the Lodge Room Area

Bartender Fee:    $10.00/hour

Cocktail:                 $9.00/hour

Keg Prices: Keg   $175.00

Champagne is available upon request.

Any special Liquor or Champagne orders must be handled through the Lodge/Bar.  Outside liquor is not allowed to be brought in.